Fall 2014 Students Start in Clinic

LAW_IACThe Investor Advocacy Clinic kicked off its fall 2014 semester with five new student interns, Ryan Corbin, Brittany DeDiego, Kori Eskridge, Kristina Ludwig and Christopher Pugh.  This semester, former spring 2014 student intern Patricia Uceda will continue as a Graduate Research Assistant.

During their orientation, the students received training related to their work in the clinic.  Student interns began to collaborate in their teams and develop goals for the semester to come.

The student interns will now jump into the clinic’s work.  Under attorney supervision, students will field calls and other inquiries and evaluate whether investors may have legal claims against their brokers.  Student interns will provide free legal services to eligible investors.

In addition, student interns will work to ensure that Georgia investors do not become victims of investment fraud.  Through investor education and outreach, such as posts on this blog and live presentations and seminars, student interns will teach the investing public about how to protect themselves and be informed investors.

If you believe you may have a claim against your broker, contact the clinic for a free case evaluation.