Be Smart With Your Smart Phone

By Patricia Uceda, Fall 2014 Graduate Research Assistant

National Cyber Security Awareness MonthSmart phones are extremely popular among consumers. Loaded with lots of convenient features such as wireless internet, e-mail, and mobile apps, they have become a central means of communication for many. Unfortunately, with these increased uses comes increased information storage on cell phones, which can lead to problems if your cell phone gets in the wrong hands. In order to protect your private information, follow these tips:smart phone

  • Set your phone to lock automatically. All smart phones are capable of this setting, which will automatically lock itself after a few minutes of non-usage and require a password to reopen. That way, if you accidentally leave your cell phone somewhere, another person is not able to easily access your information.
  • Use passwords on your phone. In addition to a password to unlock your phone, use passwords for each separate app, that way if someone is able to guess your phone password, they are still denied access to your personal apps.
  • Be careful on unsecured networks. If you are using a public wireless network in a coffee shop or library, make sure that you are not transmitting any personal information. Wait until you are on an encrypted network that requires a password, or stick to secure websites.

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