National Crime Prevention Month: Tips to Avoid Financial Fraud

By Kori Eskridge, Fall 2014 Student Intern

octoberOctober marks National Crime Prevention Month, a time for people across the country to recognize, brainstorm and discuss ways to make their communities better and crime-free. Community members can spend a Saturday morning cleaning up graffiti or help out supervising a weekend or after-school program for at-risk children. Community members can also work together to organize a Celebrate Safe Communities event. Preventing crime can be easy and something to strive for all year long, but here are a few tips you can try in the remainder of October to protect your financial security and avoid becoming a victim of financial crime.

  • Tip 1: Stay Safe in a High-Tech World. Learn about how people become the victims of crimes at the hands of thieves using the Internet, cell phones, or credit cards. Host a discussion about the dangers of online crime and learn about ways to prevent identity theft.
  • Tip 2: Safety in the Golden Years. Help to inform and educate older adults about crime prevention. Present programs (available online at at your local library, senior center or community center. You can also coordinate discussions with seniors about how to spot elder abuse and how to prevent becoming a victim of telemarketing fraud.

Crime occurs year-round and you should work hard in your communities to be educated and vigilant in protecting yourselves from falling victim to criminals. With a little outreach and dialogue, you can work together to reduce crime in your neighborhoods.