My Clinic Story: Brittany DeDiego

By: Brittany DeDiego, Student Intern Fall 2014

dediegoAs the semester comes to an end, looking back on my clinic experience I realized how much I have learned both about securities law and about becoming a practicing attorney. The clinic has taught me how to communicate with clients and develop a case from beginning to end, helping me prepare for my future career.

I came into the clinic with very little knowledge about securities law or investment schemes. Through my research this semester for client matters, for our outreach presentation and for my blog posts I have learned about common scams that affect people every day. I learned that investment fraud could happen to anyone and the importance of doing your due diligence before making any sort of investment. I hope that my work in the clinic this semester will help me be a wise investor in the future, as well as be a source of knowledge for my friends and family when they make investment decisions.