Spring 2015 Students Begin Work in Investor Advocacy Clinic

cropped-law_iac.jpgFour students joined the Investor Advocacy clinic at Georgia State University’s College of Law for our Spring 2015 semester.

During a day-long boot camp the students received training in substantive legal areas, lawyering skills and the clinic’s operations as a functioning law office.  During the boot camp, student interns began to collaborate in their teams and develop goals for the semester to come.  We were lucky to have a session on FINRA Dispute Resolution procedure led by regulators from FINRA Dispute Resolution’s Southeast Regional Office and a presentation on affinity fraud from the Atlanta division of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The student interns have since jumped into the clinic’s work.  Under attorney supervision, students are fielding calls and other inquiries, evaluating whether investors may have legal claims against their brokers.  Student interns will provide free legal services to eligible investors.

In addition, student interns will work to ensure that Georgia investors do not become victims of investment fraud.  Through investor education and outreach, such as posts on this blog and live presentations and seminars, student interns will teach the investing public about how to protect themselves and be informed investors.