Military Saves Week 2015: Covering All Your Bases with a Few Investor Basics

By Kristina Ludwig, Fall 2014 Student Intern 



Anything worth having doesn’t happen overnight

So this is how to keep financial security in sight,

Make sure you save your dollars for the next rainy day

And always, always, ALWAYS work harder than you play.


Do not invest in anything that’s too good to be true;

Those animals exist only in the financial fraud zoo.

Be wary of pressure or time-sensitive deals;

It’s a tactic of crooks and how the unscrupulous steals.


Always look up a broker on FINRA’s BrokerCheck

And visit the SEC if you’ve an investment to vet.

If the investment is not registered or in some way exempted,

Then the investment might be illegal, so do not even be tempted.


Never invest based on one’s person’s claim

Or when your group of friends are doing the same

Because Affinity Fraud is a very real threat

And could even be promoted by a fellow service Vet.


For more investor basics, try this website, don’t be nervous.

And from the IAC, we thank you for your service.