My Clinic Story: Francis Laryea

By Francis Laryea, Spring 2015 Student Intern

DSC_0161My experience in the Investor Advocacy Clinic was unlike any educational experience I have had before. It was indeed an experiential learning experience. I did not play a passive role in my learning, but rather an active role. I learned about securities arbitration by doing rather by sitting in a classroom and reading opinions. On my very first day in the clinic, I felt as though I was tossed into the deep end. There was so much I did not know. However, with the aid of my clinic professors, I was able to figure out how to float and eventually navigate the waters.

I had the opportunity to practice law the way it is done in a firm. During my time at the clinic, I learned more about securities arbitration than I could have imagined learning in the traditional class format. Not only did I learn about the rules and regulations, but I also learned about practicing in the world of securities arbitration.

During my time at the clinic, I filed a comment letter with the Securities Exchange Commission. I interviewed clients, analyzed their claims and had the opportunity to draft a statement of claim. The clinic also taught me how work in a professional settings with others. I gained several practical skills while working inside the clinic. I learned so much about the role of an attorney in developing a relationship with his clients as well as investigating a claim, conducting legal research and how to move a case forward. Although I am just finding my wings and there’s much room for improvement, my time in the Investor Advocacy Clinic boosted my confidence as a lawyer. I would encourage anyone interested in securities law to take this course.