My Clinic Story: Darius Wood

By Darius Wood, Spring 2015 Intern

DSC_0160Working as a student intern in the Investor Advocacy Clinic this semester was a very rewarding experience. I loved that I have been able to help investors with their claims and attempt to get recourse for the misconduct of their brokers. What I enjoyed most was how different this class was from all my law school classes up until this point. Working in the clinic is more like working in a small law firm as a new associate where the partner (your professor) gives you a case and it is your job to determine what needs to be done and take the appropriate steps to complete it. But, the partner (your professor) is there to provide you with guidance along the way. Another thing I really enjoyed about the clinic was how thankful people genuinely were. Even when we could ultimately not help a person they were often excited that we took the time to research their matter and tried to form claims.

Working in the clinic helped me to develop several skills that I believe will be essential to my future success as a lawyer. I gained a lot of experience researching and analyzing claims, writing memoranda, and communicating with clients and prospective clients. Moreover, I received great feedback on almost everything I did from either my fellow interns or our professors. In fact, I have enjoyed it some much that plan to take the Investor Advocacy Clinic II in the fall.