My Clinic Story: Jasmine Blake-Stewart

By Jasmine Blake-Stewart, Spring 2015 Student Intern

DSC_0159What a wonderful journey this has been. Being in the Investor Advocacy Clinic has been a great experience for me. Learning to work with a partner, a group, and a class in total has helped me gain more experience in the professional field. What I enjoyed most about being an intern in the clinic was trying to help the potential clients solveĀ financial issues. The greatest feeling is having joy after speaking with potential clients and giving them an update because in return I am being valued for my work. When someone actually expresses their appreciation it makes you want to help solve their problems with great enthusiasm.

There are many things that I learned while being an intern in the Investor Advocacy Clinic, but there were three things that stuck out the most. First, I learned that things will not be so easy to agree upon when working in a group setting. Second, time management and being organized is very important because not having those skills will get you behind in your work. Last, but certainly not least, I learned that having great communication skills goes a long way with interacting with people. Being respectful at all times no matter the situation is important when interacting with other people.

The things that I learned during the clinic will definitely help me in my future legal endeavors. The clinic has provided me with additional legal writing skills that I will need as an attorney. Being able to submit writing assignments to my professor and receiving feedback has helped me gain more legal writing experience that I know I will use throughout my future legal profession.

Overall, my experience in the Investor Advocacy Clinic has been a great experience. I would recommend it to any law student who has an interest in working hands-on with clients in their future legal profession.