How the Investor Advocacy Clinic Prepared Me for My Summer Associate Position

By: Darius Wood, Fall 2015 Student Intern

dw workThe Investor Advocacy Clinic played a key role in preparing me for my summer associate position this summer. The clinic provided me with the forum to represent clients and practice law as an attorney would, but without all of the pressure that comes from the uncertainty of not knowing if you are doing everything right; we worked under the supervision of two professors.   Specifically, the clinic provided me with opportunities to refine my communication and time management skills.

The practice of law is all about communication – verbal and non-verbal, i.e., written. The clinic afforded me with numerous opportunities to work on developing both forms of communication and helped me to become comfortable talking with clients through experience. We called our clients on a regular basis to obtain information from them or to provide them with updates on the status of their matters. Additionally, in the clinic I received feedback on all my writing. As a clinic student, you are constantly writing memos, letters, and statements of claims.

Furthermore, the clinic prepared me for my summer associate position this summer by introducing me to time management in a legal environment. Probably the most difficult part of this was learning to keep track of all of my time working down to a tenth of an hour – it is very unnatural. Another difficult task that the clinic introduced me to was effectively planning for deadlines. Nine times out of ten it will take you longer to do task the first time than you will initially expect so you have to learn to account for that time.