GSU Students: Interested in the Clinic? Apply today.

sandy bestTo Apply.  GSU College of Law students interested in our Spring 2016 Investor Advocacy Clinic course should submit an application online.  Applications and all supporting materials are due no later than September 25, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered, so please be sure to carefully read all directions and submit the necessary supporting materials.

If you are interested in taking the Business Arbitration Practicum in spring 2016 so you can participate in the fall 2016 Investor Advocacy Clinic, please email Professor Iannarone before September 25 at 5:00 p.m.

Who We Are.  The Investor Advocacy clinic represents clients who may have suffered losses resulting from broker misconduct but cannot afford or find private legal representation because of the size of their claim. The clinic, which opened in the fall 2013 semester, is funded by a $250,000 grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and funding from the College of Law.

Who We Serve.  Supervised by experienced faculty, law students provide legal assistance and advice to eligible investors who may have claims involving misrepresentation, unsuitability, unauthorized trading, excessive trading and failure to supervise.  Students in the clinic will handle most aspects of representation, including client intake, interviewing, claim evaluation and client counseling. For those matters that move toward the dispute resolution process, students also will engage in complaint preparation, settlement negotiations and advocacy in mediation and arbitration proceedings.  In addition, the clinic’s law students will conduct community outreach events during which they will offer investors information on ways to avoid broker disputes and become educated investors.  Students are also responsible for drafting short investor education pieces that will run on our blog.

How to Join Us.  To be eligible to enroll in the clinic, students must have a 2.30 GPA.  Each semester, the clinic will accept six to eight students based upon applications submitted by eligible students.  Instructor permission is required for registration.  Students in the Investor Advocacy Clinic are expected to devote at least seven hours each week to client work and projects.  These seven hours are in addition to preparing for and attending the course’s weekly seminar component (two hours) and a weekly supervision meeting with Professor Iannarone (at least one hour) for a total of at least ten hours per week in the clinic.  Students are also required to attend a full day boot camp before the semester commences.

Why You Should Join Us.  The clinic is a demanding and rewarding experience.  By the time they have completed one semester in the clinic, students will have been exposed to all aspects of work in a small law firm, from client representation through the business of law practice. Students will hone skills including research and writing, interviewing, fact development, counseling and critical analysis while learning how firms operate.  In short, a semester in the clinic will help you become practice ready.