Clinic Educates Future Lawyers on Recognizing Senior Investment Fraud


On October 27, 2015, Investor Advocacy Clinic student interns Alexandra Hughes, Bryan Rafie and Kelly Robinson presented “Senior Investment Fraud” to a group of Georgia State University College of Law students.  The presentation was focused on providing information to future advocates so that they could recognize the signs of investment fraud and use their knowledge to help their clients.  The session introduced attendees to five investment scams targeting seniors, how seniors can avoid investment fraud and red flags lawyers should consider when working with a client who may be the victim of investment fraud.

According to the student interns, understanding senior investment fraud will be essential for those who anticipate practicing elder law or estate planning, will work with elderly clients in a securities practice, or have family members interested in/already investing.

As part of its mission of serving investors, the Investor Advocacy Clinic prepares educational programming for investors and those who work with investors on topics including investment fraud prevention, when a legal claim may exist, and the FINRA arbitration process.  If you or an organization with which you work are interested in an investor education program tailored to your audience, please contact the clinic at (404) 413-9270.