Spring 2016 Students Begin Work in Investor Advocacy Clinic

Eight students joined the Investor Advocacy clinic at Georgia State University’s College of Law for the spring 2016 semester.  The clinic is pleased to have several students rejoining us for additional work with clients, including Alexandra Hughes, Francis Laryea, Bryan Rafie and Kelly Robinson.  Four new interns, Tosha Dunn, Geoffrey Hafer, Michael Williford, and Siri Yellamraju, joined the clinic for the semester.

During a day-long boot camp led by clinic director Nicole Iannarone and Adjunct Professor Jason Doss, the students received training concerning their new cases and clinic’s operations as a functioning law office.  Guest speaker Robert Port, an attorney at Gaslowitz Frankel, shared insight on investments, risk and working with clients.

Student interns began to collaborate in their teams and develop goals for the semester to come. The student interns immediately jumped into the clinic’s work, reviewing case files to get up to speed on their cases and even speaking with clients concerning substantive issues.  Throughout the semester, students will work on filed proceedings, preparing for a final hearing and engaging in mediation and settlement discussions, and evaluate new client matters.