Investor Advocacy Clinic Builds Lawyering Confidence

By Kelly Robinson, Spring 2016 Student Intern

What’s really incredible to me is how much I’ve learned during my time in the Investor Advocacy Clinic. I don’t know that I have ever learned so much in such a short period of time. For example, I had no experience in working with clients when I first started, to now being completely comfortable working with clients and even arguing with opposing counsel. The clinic has also taught me the importance of seemingly basic office tasks, such as maintaining files and tracking correspondence and time. While these ministerial tasks may not seem to hold much importance initially, I’ve learned that those are the things that really keep everyone both happy and on the same page (teamwork is key!).

It was also a really unique experience to be able to work with the type of clients we do in the clinic. To know that we were able to help those who would otherwise had no other access to relief was really fulfilling. I also gained valuable insight into alternative dispute resolution forums; an area that I feel students are not necessarily exposed to in the core legal curriculum. We gained experience in preparing for both mediation and arbitration and we were even able to successfully negotiate a settlement on behalf of one of our clients!

The greatest improvement that I gained from the clinic was building my own confidence. I first joined the clinic during the beginning of my 2L year. Everything about the practice of law still felt very new to me, but the clinic has greatly prepared to me think, walk, talk, and act like an attorney. In a way, I feel like a lifetime has passed between our first foray into the clinic during boot camp and where we are now. While the clinic can be a lot of work, I will certainly miss my time working with my team, the professors, and the clients of the Investor Advocacy Clinic.