My Experience in Clinical Learning

By: Hector Rojas, Fall 2016 Student Intern

I chose to participate in the Investor Advocacy Clinic because I wanted to see what the day-to-day life of a lawyer is like. I wanted to apply the skills I learned in law school to practical experiences. As an aspiring civil litigator, the Investor Advocacy Clinic offered the greatest amount of substantive experience in this area of the law. So far, I have been able to apply my writing skills to assignments like drafting a demand letter, a statement of claim, and letters to opposing parties. I have been able to put my oral communications skills to the test by conducting several client interviews and phone calls to communicate case progress. Through these tasks, and many more, the Clinic has been the best substantive experience I have had to date. I am able to experience as a student what being a lawyer is like and learn new skills that will help me develop as a lawyer in the future. I am excited for the work that I have done and for the work that is yet to come. The Clinic is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard and looking to gain practical experiences as a student.

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