Clinic Comments on SEC Proposal to Require Hyperlinks to Exhibits in Filings

As part of its mission of serving regular investors, the Investor Advocacy Clinic reviews rule proposals and submits comments.  Earlier this week, the clinic commented on an SEC rule proposal, S7-19-16, which would require certain registrants to include a hyperlink to each exhibit listed in the exhibit index of the filings.

The clinic’s comment, drafted primarily by fall 2016 student intern Hector Rojas, praised the SEC for taking steps to make it easier for investors to access information.  The clinic believes that requiring registrants to include hyperlinks for all exhibits will not only supply investors with the location of a specific exhibit, but also give them access to these documents more easily and quickly.  As a result, the clinic believes the proposal will allow investors to make more informed investment decisions and potentially reduce investor fraud.

Click here to read the Clinic’s comment letter in its entirety.