Ransomware: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

By Becky Clapes, guest blogger

While anyone with a computer is at risk for a ransomware attack, any business that has customer information stored is especially vulnerable. It can cost a business a lot of money and can even shut down a business completely. It can also harm customer security.

Here are a few simple ways the FTC has suggested to defend against ransomware:

  • Train and Educate: make sure that your employees are aware of this threat and that they must avoid suspicious emails or online ads
  • Cyber Hygiene: test computers for malware on a routine and frequent basis and keep security software current
  • Backups: always back up your data regularly and frequently
  • Plan: devise a plan for how to react in the event that you suffer from a ransomware attack

Should you experience a ransomware attack:

  • Use the plan that you have devised
  • Contact law enforcement, particularly, your local FBI field office
  • Contain the attack by disconnecting the infected computer

For more information on defending against ransomware, see here.  Click here for a video on how to protect your computer from ransomware.