My Clinic Story

By Hector Rojas, Fall 2016 Student Intern

While participating in the Investor Advocacy Clinic, student interns are allowed to practice law under Georgia’s student practice rule.  Essentially, interns are allowed to do everything a licensed Georgia attorney is permitted to do as long as they are under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  That means interns are allowed to draft letters to clients and opposing clients, interview current and prospective clients, draft statements of claims (the functional equivalent of a complaint), and much more.

During this semester in the Clinic, I was able to do all of the above-mentioned tasks.  I was able to communicate case progress with current clients, perform intake calls with prospective clients, drafts various letters to clients and opposing parties, and even had the opportunity to assist with the drafting of a complaint to be filed through FINRA Dispute Resolution.

Some of my best experiences in the Clinic involved working with clients.  I enjoyed getting to meet the clients/prospective clients, hearing their story and their expressed gratitude when we mentioned that we would do our best to represent them.  I also enjoyed working in a law firm setting with a partner, who happens to be your professor.  This allowed me to see what it is like to work in a law firm with a partner before graduation, an experience I had not yet had.

Joining the Investor Advocacy Clinic was one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout my law school career.  Because the Clinic functions as a small law firm, my experience in the Clinic has truly been a unique one.  This setting has allowed me to learn practical lawyering skills that I will be able to use upon graduation, which was the very reason why I joined the Clinic. I have enjoyed working with real clients and getting out of the traditional law school class setting.  My time in the Clinic is not over yet, however, as I am excited to rejoin the Clinic for one final semester in the spring.  See you then.