Welcome to the GSU Center for Clinical Programs Blog


Today, the Georgia State Law Center for Clinical Programs relaunches its blog to showcase the collaboration among the college’s three in-house clinics: the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Legal Services Clinic, Investor Advocacy Clinic and Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic.

This single platform allows the in-house clinic students to share across fields the knowledge that they gain while working with their fellow students. The blog also educates our community as we are able to help the public with diverse information on topics that impact their lives.

This new collaboration within the College of Law is in line with the merger of our in-house clinics into one law firm, and affords us an opportunity to take advantage of our shared space within 85 Park Place. 

You can expect to see posts from students in the Health Law Partnership Legal Services Clinic and Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic alongside posts from the Investor Advocacy Clinic.