Investor Advocacy Clinic Helps Build Your Confidence as a Lawyer

By Kelly Robinson, Fall 2015 Student Intern

The Investor Advocacy Clinic was a great success for me. I really enjoyed being exposed to the firm environment and becoming acquainted with what will be expected of me in my career. I really enjoyed working with clients, as I had not had a chance to do that before and the clinic allowed me to practice with clients in a variety of different environments, such as performing an intake interview and preparing them for discovery. While it was an extremely nerve-wracking experience for me, it was also very valuable because I now have a frame of reference for future interviews and interactions with clients.

It’s hard to quantify all that I learned during my clinic experience, because it was a lot. Probably the most intense, however, was learning how to deal with the tasks that lay before me each week. While the tasks themselves were not bad (memos for correspondence with clients, weekly update agendas), ensuring I stayed current with them was. Learning how to balance these tasks with my other classes took some finessing, and more than once I found myself in an “uh-oh” moment, but once I found my rhythm, scheduling became second-nature.

Participating in clinic has greatly prepared me for my legal practice. I have never interned at a firm nor did I have anyone in my family who could tell me what to expect, so I think the most invaluable thing that I gained from clinic was confidence in myself. After this semester, I now know how to write a statement of claim, demand letter, and requests for production for discovery. I also know how to talk with opposing counsel, clients, and FINRA administrators, and the list goes on and on. I think clinic would be a great experience for anyone, but especially someone like me who is new to this whole experience. I highly suggest it!

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