Prepare for Practice by Enrolling in the HeLP Legal Services Clinic


Applications to participate in the fall 2017 semester of the HeLP Legal Services Clinic are due February 22. You can apply here.

Clinics give you hands-on experience representing clients in live matters.  You are able to put into practice the concepts that you learn in your courses while having practicing attorneys supervise and guide your work.  This is what former HeLP Clinic students have to say about their experiences in the HeLP Clinic.

Ulyana Hamilton, J.D., states: “Participating in the HeLP clinic was one of my favorite experiences at GSU LAW and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting real-world experience and making a difference in the lives of others…. From conducting client intake interviews to knowing how to push cases along, the HeLP clinic curriculum allowed me to become more comfortable in real-life law practice and as a result, more confident in my abilities as a new attorney.”

Luke Closson, 2016 HeLP Clinic student, states: “Working in the HeLP clinic was one of my richest learning experiences in law school.   Working one-on-one with clients who would most likely remain ‘lost in the system’ was most rewarding.   Under the supervision of my supervising attorney, I learned how to serve as their legal counsel and work issues on their behalf by researching law, reviewing the case file and ultimately preparing the brief in preparation for the upcoming hearing.  No amount of classroom lecture can replace the rewarding experience I received while in the HeLP clinic.”