Medical Student’s Perspective on Medical-Legal Partnership Part I

My name is Chantell Albert and I am from beautiful and (mostly) sunny Florida! I am currently a fourth-year medical student at Morehouse School of Medicine. I obtained my B.S. in Psychology from Florida State University. Just a few short years ago I matriculated to Morehouse with dreams of becoming a pediatrician. In a few short months, that dream will finally have been realized!

My experience in medical school, although very challenging, was very positive. I had the opportunity to explore many interests in working with a variety of patient populations. I participated in global health opportunities. I was also involved in several outreaches and community service projects. These ancillary experiences were instrumental in shaping my desire to become a pediatrician who is well prepared to care for families of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I was first introduced to the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Legal Services Clinic while participating in patient rounds at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Hughes Spalding. I loved the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration with respect to patient care. I gained an appreciation for the contributions of social workers and law students and realized what great benefit an interdisciplinary team could have for families. This experience helped direct my decision to take the Law and Medicine elective, which gives fourth-year medical students the opportunity to work with Georgia State University law students in the HeLP Clinic.  In this course, I can further explore the partnership between legal and healthcare professionals.

My goals for my time at the HeLP Clinic are to identify resources that would be beneficial for future patients and their families. I want to further evaluate the benefit of adding a lawyer or legal partner to a healthcare team. Participation in the elective will increase my preparedness and effectiveness as a future child advocate.