Investor Advocacy Clinic Builds Lawyers

By: La’ Nise Harrington Spring 2017 Student Intern

The Investor Advocacy Clinic has been much more than a professional learning experience. It has also accomplished personal goals. Before working in the clinic, I had the personal goal of increasing my financial literacy. I was like many investors and did not know the basics of investing. Before the clinic, I could balance a checkbook, maintain a good credit score and knew how to limit my debt. However, while my discipline with money was great, I did not know how to take action with it (investing). Investing was a hidden world to me, where only the elite or the wealthy knew of its secrets. The terms mutual funds, financial advisers, and dividends were vague concepts. The clinic never taught me what these words meant, and by that I mean no one sat me down and spoon fed definitions and examples to me.

Instead, the clinic taught me not to be scared to not know an answer, to be brave enough to go looking for answers and finally to trust myself with the answers. These skills apply not only to financial literacy, but to my development as a lawyer.  These skills are invaluable in practice and life. It is always great to remember that the best way to help yourself and others is to have the willingness to do so and the knowledge of how to seek those answers. If you can accomplish those two things there is nothing in life or practice that you cannot figure out.