Medical Student’s Perspective on Medical-Legal Partnership Part IV

My name is Katie Morgan and I am a fourth-year medical student at Morehouse School of Medicine. I am from South Georgia and attended the University of Georgia, where I received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry. I started medical school with the goal of becoming a pediatrician. I recently matched into a combined internal medicine and pediatrics program at LSU Shreveport, where I will start in July!

Throughout college and medical school, I have enjoyed working in medical clinics for the underserved and uninsured. I love working with underserved people because I feel like I can really make a difference in their lives. After I finish residency, I plan to move back to rural Georgia to practice medicine and pediatrics, where there is an underserved population.

I was first introduced to the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Legal Services Clinic during a class, Fundamentals of Medicine, of my third year of medical school. I really enjoyed learning about how the HeLP Clinic works for families that have children with medical needs that need to be addressed in a legal format. Because of my love of working with underserved populations, I thought that I would also enjoy partnering with the Clinic to help a group of the underserved that I had not previously worked with. Accordingly, I decided to take the Law and Medicine elective course, during which fourth-year medical students work with Georgia State University law students in the HeLP Clinic.

I have enjoyed my time in the Clinic working with attorneys and law students and seeing these cases from their perspectives. I have really enjoyed being able to help and contribute on the cases with my medical knowledge.