IAC Interns Named to Georgia State University Law Review Executive Board

(L-R) Abigail Howd, W. Dowdy White, and Esmat Hanano

Investor Advocacy Clinic student interns spend countless hours in the clinic helping their clients.  In addition to their exceptional client services, IAC students are also actively involved in the law school academic and service communities.  Spring 2018 IAC interns Ben Dell’Orto, Esmat Hanano, Abigail Howd, Alisa Radut, and W. Dowdy White are all members of the Georgia State University Law Review.

The Law Review recently announced its 2018-2019 Executive Board, and several IAC interns will hold leadership roles within it.  Esmat Hanano will serve as the Executive Editor, Abigail Howd will serve as an Articles Editor, and W. Dowdy White will serve as a Legislation Editor.