GSU Students: Try a Clinic Because it is the Best Thing You’ll Do in Law School

sandy bestTry a Clinic Because it’s the Best Thing You’ll Do in Law School

GSU law alum Cassandra Bradford, who  participated in both the Investor Advocacy Clinic and the Philip C. Cook Low Income Taxpayer Clinic before graduating reflected upon her clinic experiences when she was still in law school.  She said to fellow students:

“Participating in clinics was the best thing I have done in law school. Even if you work at a law firm, you rarely get the opportunity to practice law and handle your own cases while having a mentor and supervisor to guide your steps.  I got to learn the essential lawyering skills that are not taught in law school, like how to build a good client relationship and how to handle a difficult situation.  Clinics offer the chance to dive into a field and see if you really have a passion for something, and helped me decide what I want to do.”