Happy 5th Anniversary, Investor Advocacy Clinic!

In fall 2013, the Investor Advocacy Clinic opened its doors thanks to a three year grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and support from the Georgia State University College of Law.  Five years later, we continue our mission of helping regular, retail investors.  What have we done in the past five years?  More than we could ever have expected when we opened in fall 2013:

  • Over 100 investors have trusted the Investor Advocacy Clinic and sought help in working through their problem with a financial adviser.  We have provided legal services to regular investors worth over $1,000,000. 


  • We engage with the community.  With Georgia State Law, we hosted the SEC’s Atlanta Investor Town Hall, the SEC’s first meeting with all five commissioners outside of Washington, D.C. since World War II.




As we look towards our next five years, we thank all of our clients, the community, our partners, and our students for working with us.