Investor Advisory Clinic Director Appointed to FINRA’s National Mediation and Arbitration Committee

Nicole Iannarone, associate clinical professor and director of the Investor Advocacy Clinic, was named to FINRA’s National Mediation and Arbitration Committee (NAMC).  FINRA is a self-regulated organization that oversees broker and dealer operations. NAMC makes recommendations concerning recruitment, qualification, training and evaluation of arbitrators and mediators as well as recommendations on rules, regulations and procedures that govern arbitration, mediation and other dispute regulation matters before FINRA.    Her three-year appointment began in June 2018 as a public member—one with no financial service industry ties.

“Through my work in the clinic I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with FINRA,” said Iannarone. “We monitor FINRA arbitration and mediation rules, including changes that impact our clients: the regular investor, and have had a voice in rulemaking through the clinic for several years.”  Second and third year law students work as lawyers under Iannarone’s supervision in the Investor Advocacy Clinic, representing small investors who have a problem with their broker and cannot afford an attorney.  “It may not be intuitive, but how the rules operate shapes investors’ experiences in arbitration,” said Iannarone. “These rules can make a significant difference for our clients, so we owe it to them to evaluate forthcoming changes.”

Iannarone looks forward to developing deeper relationships with those involved in FINRA arbitration and mediation and learning more about their experiences through the NAMC.  “The NAMC is a hard-working committee,” said Iannarone.  “I enjoy being more involved in the rulemaking process, thinking about how arbitration works, and learning about how different parties perceive customer cases.”