Investor Advocacy Clinic Begins Spring 2019 Work

The Investor Advocacy Clinic is back for another semester.  Our spring 2019 student interns began their work on January 11, 2019 with a full day orientation and boot camp. Three of our interns are returning from prior semesters: Esmat Hanano, Kevin Mathis, and Brook Ptacek.  Two additional interns join us for their first semester: Caitlyn Scofield and Caleb Swiney.

The IAC interns learned about the clinic and its work with regular, retail investors during the orientation.  We participated in joint sessions with the Tax Clinic on crucial clinic training: client relationship building, interviewing, and legal ethics.  Former IAC Intern Eddie Greenblat returned to lend his professional improv expertise by leading an engaging session to hone our listening and communication skills.

Interns have since jumped back into their work, investigating potential claims on behalf of investors, evaluating and commenting on FINRA rule changes, working with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Securities Division, and crafting creative investor education pieces.  We are also happy to evaluate new claims, and encourage Georgians who have had issues with their stockbrokers to contact us.  If we accept a case, the clinic provides free legal representation to aggrieved investors and helps them navigate through the FINRA dispute resolution process.