My Clinic Story: Diverse and Dynamic Terrain

By Lynn Mckeel, Fall 2018 IAC Student Intern

My year in the Investor Advocacy Clinic exposed me to a wide range of topics and introduced me to Americans from many backgrounds and cultures. From working on education crossword puzzles, to helping families who were harmed, the Clinic has the opportunity to touch all aspects of American consumer life. In the Clinic we focus on four main programs, our FINRA dispute resolution matters, our partnership with the Georgia Secretary of State, educational outreach, and our blog. Each of these unwrap a wide range of dilemmas, legal analysis, and creative thinking. The Clinic prepares law students for the real world diversity of practicing law in a structure conducive to independent learning and personal responsibility.

I sit here trying to think of a stand out experience, instead I am humbled by the variety of important and unique challenges the Clinic tackles each semester. The Clinic not only provides student lawyers with an opportunity to practice working with these types of legal controversies but also gives Georgians a shot a legal representation private attorneys would not be equipped to handle.

The Clinic doesn’t just stop at FINRA disputes, through our work with the Secretary of State we help investigate unique fraudulent activity.          Through our education outreach the Clinic helped host an SEC Town Hall, as well as partnering with AARP in providing “When You’re 65”, an unique and important panel forum aimed at preparing Georgians for a financially secure retirement. The Clinic also creates its own education material. Over the past 15 months, we created a variety of crossword puzzles aimed at educating and entertaining current and future investors. The crossword puzzles incorporate learning objectives and a fun challenge to help investors of all levels brush up on and expand their financial vocabulary. Some of these puzzles are available now on our blog!

Speaking of blog, the Clinic maintains a blog filled with investor and financial information. Each student lawyer is required to submit a Five Part Series to the blog each semester. Over the year I wrote two Five Part Series. The first, is a series of Multi-Level Marketing Schemes and the dangers and pitfalls of signing up with an ill-reputed MLM (sometimes referred to as a Pyramid Scheme depending on certain eligibility factors), the second series was an expo on the Financial Crisis of 2008 and where we stand ten years later. Both of these series explain current legislation, red flags to look out for, and ways to make informed decisions concerning your savings and investment portfolio.

I look forward to applying these skills in private practice and hope to keep in touch with the Clinic for many years to come. If you have any questions about how the Clinic can help you, give us a call! We’d love to speak with you.