Fare Thee Well, Clinic

By Ben Dell’Orto IAC Student Intern Fall 2018

When I finished with clinic last spring, I knew I’d be coming back for a second round in the fall. Now, there’s more of a sense of finality since this fall was my last semester (of two), and it’s easier to wax nostalgic about the past two semesters.

So how does one measure the clinic experience? In the hours work? In the investors counselled? In crosswords posted?

I imagine it’s got to be some combination of these, but it’s also more. I’ve gotten to develop relationships with my fellow clinic interns, with the group including many people I might not have gotten to interact with, especially since many of the interns are part-time students I might not have classes with.

It has meant a lot to me to be able to interact with wronged investors, even those we ultimately weren’t able to take on in the clinic. While the clinic isn’t able to take on every case for a variety of reasons, it is still helpful to a lot of people to have their stories heard and have someone look into their situation.

And best of all, as her GRA, I still get to hang out with our wonderful advisor, Professor Iannarone.

Clinic has been a great opportunity that has allowed me to interact with real people as an attorney for the first time, and I’ll appreciate that experience forever.