Guess Who’s Back!? (With Information about How Victimized Investors Can Recover Their Losses) 

By: Kevin Mathis, Spring 2019 IAC Student Intern

According to the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) website, the SEC is currently open, fully staffed and focused on its mission.  For 35 days, the SEC halted all but its most essential operations during the government shutdown.  The continuing resolution permits the SEC to resume normal staffing levels and return to normal operations.

The SEC strives to protect investors, promote fairness in the securities markets, and share information about companies and investment professionals.  The SEC issues various resources and notices about its efforts to further its mission.  This includes information regarding its:

These resources and others enable investors to invest confidently and make informed investment decisions.  The investor bulletin “How Victims of Securities Law Violations May Recover Money,” issued June 21, 2018, explains how a harmed investor can recover their money should an investment professional commit fraud or violate the federal securities laws.  The bulletin describes the different actions that exist to help harmed investors recover their investment losses.  These recovery methods include SEC fair funds, disgorgement funds, receiverships, brokerage account customer protections, corporate bankruptcy proceedings, and private class action lawsuits.  Investors should read the entire Investor Bulletin: How Victims of Securities Law Violations May Recover Money to better understand the different methods of recovery.  Unscrupulous investment professionals should beware, and investors should take heart, the SEC is fully armed and operational.