This is the Song that Never Ends… The More the Securities Industry Changes the More It Remains the Same

By G. Kevin Mathis, IAC Student Intern

A loveable little sock puppet sang this annoying song that replays in my head from time to time, This is The Song that Never Ends. The seems to be an appropriate refrain when it comes to FINRA and financial technological advances known as FinTech.  I mean we have been here before, in my original post about the meaning and origins of FinTech I spoke about how the financial securities industry adapted to earlier changes in financial technology and how FINRA adjusted accordingly. The same is true now FINRA is recognizing that rapid changes are occurring that are forcing FINRA, investors, and firms to adjust to the changing world of securities.  FINRA has launched a website and issued alerts on a range of FinTech issues.  FINRA also recently asked for comments on FinTech Innovation.

With FinTech, investors should remember that though things may change (and at this time the change seems to be going at breakneck speed.), it roughly stays the same. Investors must continue to educate themselves, as FINRA continues to be more vigilant in its protective regulations over the industry.