Making an Impact

By G. Kevin Mathis, Spring 2019 IAC Student Intern

I returned to the Clinic because last semester I gained some valuable practical legal experience while helping harmed investors.  I hoped to continue my efforts representing investors. I also wanted the chance to assist Clinic I students learn how to assist with investor matters.  Just like last semester, my experience was not only great but it was more than I expected.

This semester allowed me to help investors and other Clinic interns. We managed legal matters for people not normally able to receive legal assistance. My team and I were able to help investors and the Secretary of State handle matters relating to investments. While working on these matters I was able to help the Clinic I interns and I learned to identify legal issues and draft substantive legal documents.  The Clinic gave me an opportunity to truly experience law practice while under the supportive guidance of Professor Iannarone.

It also provided me with the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. and speak at the SEC Investor Advocacy Summit. Preparing for the Summit was somewhat stressful and time-consuming but it paid off. The hard work and preparation was worth it because our Clinic did very well at the Summit. We engaged with the other participants, and we offered good ideas. The Summit gave me the unique opportunity to meet SEC Commissioners and other government officials. It was reassuring to know that even as a law student I could have an impact on policies relevant to investors. This semester in the clinic gave me the opportunity to make an impact early in my career.

My Clinic experience gave me the opportunity to gain more than just some practical legal experience.  The Clinic gave me a chance to jumpstart my legal career.