Sneak Peak of the New Clinic Space

We are still unpacking the Investor Advocacy Clinic after the entire Georgia State University College of Law moved to our brand new building at 85 Park Place.  The Investor Advocacy Clinic has joined the College of Law’s HeLP and Low Income Taxpayer clinics in a new, two story clinical center.

While we haven’t completely settled in yet, we wanted to share a few photos of the new space, still in progress.  Let us know what you think.  After the dust settles in a few weeks, we would be happy to show you around.

photo 5 (2)

One of our several new client interview rooms.

photo 3 (4)

Common break room near clinical center kitchen

photo  (5)

One of seven student work rooms shared by the IAC and HeLP clinics. Each workroom accomodates at least four students.

photo (4)

Additional view of student workroom.

The Investor Advocacy Clinic is on the Move

On the move

The Georgia State University College of Law is moving to its new home this weekend.  The Investor Advocacy Clinic is packed up and ready for our new space.  Until we’re up and settled, please contact us via telephone or email.  While we’re busy unpacking we’ll be regularly checking our phone and email accounts.

Check back in the coming days for photos of the new space and for updates on when you can visit us in person at our new home, 85 Park Place.

Clinic Interns Provide Education on Preventing Investment Fraud

fall2014corbinOn Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Investor Advocacy Clinic student interns Ryan Corbin, Kori Eskridge, and Kristina Ludwig presented “Fraud Watch 2014: How to Spot and Prevent Investment Fraud” to a group of Georgia State University College of Law students. The event was co-sponsored by the College of Law’s Wealth Management and Estate Planning group. Corbin began by introducing the group and explaining the mission of the Investor Advocacy Clinic. He then explained that anyone with money is a target for investment fraud, driving home the relevance of the presentation. Continue reading

Investor Advocacy Clinic Comment Highlights Importance of Protecting Investors’ Confidential Information

The  Investor Advocacy Clinic is dedicated to protecting investors’ interests. One way in which we accomplish this is by closely monitoring rule changes that may affect individual investors.

FINRA periodically revises its arbitration rules to update or improve the arbitration process. Before any new rules or changes to rules may be adopted, the proposed rule is provided to the public for comment. Comments are reviewed and taken into consideration when deciding whether to modify an existing rule or adopt/reject a new rule. As such, the Investor Advocacy Clinic endeavors to participate in this critical process to protect investors.

The Proposal: SR-FINRA-2014-008

FINRA proposal SR-FINRA-2014-008 suggests changes to how confidential investor information is handled in certain aspects of arbitration proceedings. The changes include requiring parties to redact or remove parts of personal identifiers, such as social security numbers, and gives investors thirty days to correct redaction mistakes and resubmit properly redacted versions.

The Clinic’s Comment

On March 14, 2014, the clinic submitted its comment on the proposed rule change. Overall, the clinic expressed support for the proposal’s goal, but recommended broadening the rule to cover more confidential information in every situation where investors’ confidential information is being exchanged. Federal courts have similar rules requiring the redaction of sensitive information and the proposed rule change seeks to move FINRA proceedings in the same direction, though the clinic noted the FINRA proposal could go further, mirroring the protections available in federal courts. The clinic feels our proposed additions will better protect investors’ personal information.

Protecting investor information is important to the clinic, and we will continue to submit comments to other rules that impact investor interests.

The primary student author, Natalya Nemtseva, was assisted by student interns Timothy Guilmette and Thomas Abrahamson in drafting the clinic’s comment.

Investor Advocacy Clinic Comments on FINRA Proposed Rule Change 2014-005

study2By Scott Evans, Spring 2014 Student Intern

At the Investor Advocacy Clinic, our goal is to protect investors, particularly those with smaller claims and limited assets. While that sometimes involves participation in FINRA arbitration proceedings, we also further that goal by monitoring proposed rule changes that FINRA is considering. When FINRA proposes to modify its rules, those proposals are open to the public for comments. The comments are taken into consideration when deciding whether to accept, reject, or modify the proposal. As such, the Clinic views these opportunities as a meaningful way to protect the interests of investors.

The Proposal: SR-FINRA-2014-005

Continue reading